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The South Florida Softball Cricket League Is know starting to show our finest talent for every game. Teams play every sunday at various locations and each game is a pleasure to watch, we have the best palyers in south florida and are proud of every single one of them,

The First Game That was played is Port Saint Lucie CC Vs MK Warriors.

Leading in runs for Port St. Lucie is Matthew Bissoon with 61 runs!

Taking the most wickets is Lall Harydilall with 4 wickets!

MK Warriors Mahase Bissoon lead the team with 3 wickets and also 9 runs!

The Second Game That was played was between Raiders and Miramar Masters#1

Raiders player Muniram Pooran lead the team with 13 runs!

Taking the most wickets for raiders is Anthony Dhannie with 1 wicket in 2 overs!

Leading in runs for Miramar Masters#1 is Sadick Mohamed with 54 runs!

Taking the most wickets for Masters is Trevor Persaud with 2 wickets!

Unfortunately, the third game between Miramar Masters #2 and Diamond could not have been played because of a forfeit of Diamond.

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